Catching Time


Waking up in a strangers basement, the only thing AVERY could remember about herself is her name. This world is strange and new to her as Avery tries to recall her past and navigate her new environment. The only person who grounds her is the first person she encounters, a woman named SIERRA. Avery is captivated by her at first but a darker truth starts to unravel around her. Is Sierra a friend or a foe? Who is telling the truth and what connection does Sierra have to Avery?

This story updates every 4th and 16th of each month! Join Avery and Sierra as they navigate futuristic worlds, time travel, the 90’s, and the consequence of falling in love.

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Starting Out Sucks But You Have to Keep Going

Okay, this journey as a creator sucks. I’m sure you know this if you’re a writer or any type of artist. We all need that little sliver of dopamine from a job well done. Just that little edge of feel-good juice from someone acknowledging that our work is good. Most of the time, as an artist or writer, you just don’t get that. After all that hardwork you get a cold slap in the face by indiference.

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Catching Time: Chapter 8

Sierra was back on the planet that she was born on but the majority of it looked vastly different than what she remembered. She was right in the enemy’s doorstep. Sierra should have questioned Bliar more before they got here. The truth was, she really didn’t trust Bliar to make the right decision. What were they walking into? Find out in the next chapter of Catching Time!

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Catching Time: Chapter 7

The files that Avery had read about Sierra didn’t make sense. She was supposed to be ruthless. Most of her file was eradicated but what Avery was allowed to see painted Sierra as a completely different person. Sierra was nothing like she expected. She was sarcastic and impulsive, this had to be a mistake. What kind of woman is Sierra? Find out in the next chapter of Catching Time!

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Simple Ways to Avoid Writing a Boring Protagonist

One of the hardest challenges about writing fiction and starting a new novel is finding out who your main character is. Well, at least it is for me. If you watch a show or read a book, the character’s personality and the way you relate to them is what brings you back for more. So, how do you do that for your readers?

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Catching Time: Chapter 5

The familiar feeling of breaking the atmosphere crawled through Avery’s senses. The feeling of awe as she looked out into the stars overtook her. In that memory everything felt right but in the present her head felt like it was about to crack in two. Avery’s memory slowly starts to return but what will it cost her? The story continues in the fifth chapter of Catching Time!

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