Kris Alexandria is the writer and blogger that runs this place. Kris has been telling stories since before she could write and started with archaic scribbles in the back of old notebooks at the tender age of three.

Later on, she enjoyed a visual medium and armed herself with a Fine Arts degree. From her school years in the studio she was unhappy creating Art with no message. Now with new meaning as a writer, she’s here to share stories from a different perspective than the writers she usually see’s in popular media. Thus, this site was born.

Science Fiction has alway’s been one of her favorite genre’s but not many women led narratives or LGBTQ books have been available to her. So, she decided to write one. With her trusty Chromebook, Kris is located somewhere in the southwest United States where there is far too much sand.

For more places to find Kris, find her on Wattpad, Medium, and Twitter to stay up to date on her writing endeavors. Also, drop off some spare change at her Ko-fi if you like what you’re reading!